Blueprint Medicines Introduces The Lens

Posted on January 2, 2019 by Marion Dorsch, Chief Scientific Officer

Welcome to The Lens, our new thought leadership platform to share our team’s expertise in precision medicine. We are pioneers in this rapidly evolving field, with a robust scientific platform for reproducibly designing medicines that selectively target genetic drivers of disease. Our precision therapy approach matches these medicines with selected patient populations most likely to benefit from treatment, with the goal of transforming care and changing the face of medicine. We look forward to providing insights into this promising research area, as well as our discovery journey and innovations in the clinic.

Why do we call it The Lens? At Blueprint Medicines, we have a singular focus – a singular lens through which we look to develop transformational medicines. Since our founding, we envisioned developing a new generation of highly selective kinases medicines that could prolong lives, improve quality of life and prevent disease recurrence. As kinases are proven drivers of cancer and rare diseases, we believe kinase therapies will play a key role in the field of precision therapy.

While much progress has been made since the first approved kinase inhibitor transformed the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia in 2001, currently approved drugs target less than 5 percent of the more than 500 known kinases. To address this opportunity, we built from scratch a diverse library of compounds and measured the potency and selectivity of each compound against each kinase. A subset of compounds in our library show remarkable potency and selectivity for particular kinases in disease-relevant, cell-based screens. Our goal is to leverage this robust platform to reproducibly develop new precision therapies for patients worldwide.

The promise of precision medicine is supported by a number of advances, ranging from molecular testing and high-capacity computing to cell biology and medicinal chemistry. For example, recent progress supporting the sensitivity, availability and reimbursement of next-generating sequencing tests has made it possible to detect a range of actionable cancer mutations, including emerging targets being explored in clinical trials. These approaches will help identify people most likely to respond to a range of molecularly targeted therapies.

With The Lens, our team will feature innovations helping to make real the promise of precision medicine. We hope you will continue to visit The Lens and look forward to sharing more.

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