Striving to improve and extend patients’ lives

Blueprint Medicines is a global biopharmaceutical company
that invents life-changing medicines. We seek to improve and
extend patients' lives by solving important medical problems,
with a focus on allergy/inflammation and oncology/hematology.

With two approved medicines and a broad pipeline of investigational therapies, we have a proven track record of discovering, developing and commercializing innovative therapies that target root causes of disease. Our approach combines deep expertise in biology, world-class drug design capabilities and robust clinical development and commercial capabilities and infrastructure.

In recent years, we have significantly evolved our scientific platform to expand beyond kinase inhibitors to additional modalities, including targeted protein degradation, and incorporate state-of-the-art translational medicine capabilities and new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our drug discovery efforts.

Today, we are advancing a diverse portfolio of innovative therapies for mast cell disorders, including systemic mastocytosis and chronic urticaria, and cancer, including breast cancer and other solid tumors.

Targeting root causes of disease

Applying our expertise in mast cell and cancer biology, we design potent and selective medicines that target the core biology of disease.

Modality-agnostic drug discovery

Our expanded scientific platform encompassing multiple therapeutic modalities allows us to pick the right tool to solve challenging medical problems.

Leveraging a track record of success

We are leveraging our proven R&D and commercial capability and infrastructure to efficiently bring forward new medicines with the potential to impact many more patients globally.
“Our approach of targeting core disease biology in allergic and inflammatory diseases and cancer has the potential to bring forward important new therapies with a high probability of success. The work has already begun, and patients are already seeing benefits. The next few years will show the power of the tools already in our grasp.”
Fouad Namouni, M.D., President, Research & Development