Blueprint Medicines’ proprietary compound library is a unique collection of small molecules designed entirely in house by our medicinal chemists and enriched for drug-like properties. Our compounds were designed as kinase inhibitors without specific kinases or families of kinases in mind, a strategy that yielded a diversity of novel chemical structures that provide access to unique chemical matter critical for inhibiting new and historically difficult-to-drug targets.

We have extensively characterized each of the compounds in our library for binding to more than 450 kinases and disease-relevant kinase mutants.


kinases and disease-relevant kinase mutants are screened for selectivity and potency against Blueprint Medicines’ compounds

The result is a diverse and highly annotated compound library that provides high-quality medicinal chemistry starting points and enables quick-starts to drug discovery programs. Most companies conduct high-throughput screens at the outset of each drug discovery effort in hopes of finding a promising “hit.” By contrast, we start by interrogating our library for compounds that meet the desired biological profile, significantly accelerating lead identification. Because each of our compounds has been extensively characterized, we also have unique insights into the potency and selectivity of a drug candidate early in the discovery process.

We continue to expand our proprietary compound library and plan to cover close to 100 percent of the kinome and increase the number of compound families that inhibit each kinase target.