Blueprint Medicines was founded on the belief that a powerful combination of biology and chemistry is key to unlocking the vast potential of kinase therapies to dramatically improve the lives of patients with genomically defined diseases who lack effective treatments.

The abnormal activation of kinases drives many hallmarks of tumor biology, and kinases are proven cancer drug targets. Gleevec, for instance, transformed chronic myeloid leukemia from a fatal cancer into a manageable disease. Despite successes, the field of kinase drug discovery and development has only scratched the surface. Currently approved drugs target less than 5 percent of the 518 known kinases, and the function of most kinases remains unknown, underscoring the tremendous opportunity to discover and develop precisely targeted kinase therapies that extend lives, improve quality of life and prevent recurrences of disease.

“We’re entering a new era of precision medicine, in which we can craft highly selective kinase therapies aimed at previously unaddressed drivers of disease and identify patients who are most likely to respond based on the molecular profile of their cancers.”

Christoph Lengauer, Ph.D., Executive Vice President

Our singular focus on kinases allows us to go deep. Leveraging our experience and our expertise in both biology and chemistry, we have built a platform consisting of two integrated pillars: our novel target discovery engine to identify kinases that are drivers of disease and our proprietary compound library of diverse and unique chemical matter.

Together, we believe these pillars position us to advance the field of kinase drug discovery and development by:

  • Identifying novel drug targets
  • Elucidating the function of kinases of unknown biology
  • Crafting highly selective kinase therapies against new and difficult-to-drug targets
  • Predicting and thwarting cancer’s ability to mutate and become resistant to treatment