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Third Rock Ventures

Blueprint Medicines closed a $40 million Series A financing in April 2011, led by leading life sciences venture capital firm, Third Rock Ventures.

Third Rock Ventures is a leading healthcare venture firm focused on investing and launching companies that make a difference in people’s lives. The Third Rock team has a unique vision for ideating and building transformative healthcare companies. Working closely with our strategic partners and entrepreneurs, Third Rock has an extensive track record for managing the value creation path to deliver exceptional performance. To learn more about Third Rock and its portfolio companies, please visit www.thirdrockventures.com.

Fidelity Biosciences

Fidelity Biosciences is a division of Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s leading providers of financial services. For more than 40 years, Fidelity Investments has been a significant presence in the venture capital and private equity industry, investing the firms own capital since 1969. This provides us with the flexibility, and capabilities of traditional venture capital firms while eliminating the additional pressures of fundraising. The result is a clear focus on building long-term value for Fidelity, our management partners, and co-investors. Fidelity Biosciences invests venture capital in private biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies. To learn more about Fidelity Biosciences and its portfolio companies, please visit www.fidelitybiosciences.com.

Nextech Invest

Nextech Invest is a global investment manager founded in 1998 and located in Zurich, Switzerland. With its unique oncology-focused funds, Nextech Invest is a dedicated investor in leading oncology companies developing cancer drugs and diagnostics. Nextech Invest benefits from the support of an active and committed Scientific Advisory Board of highly influential oncology advisors. To learn more about Nextech Invest and its portfolio companies, please visit www.nextechinvest.com.

Developing Highly Selective Kinase Drugs For Specific Genomically-Defined Cancer Patients