We don’t think in small steps. We think in giant leaps.

We are driven by the pursuit of new ideas, new innovations, and new ways of thinking.

At Blueprint Medicines, we embrace challenges that have held back traditional drug discovery and development. Our unique approach enables us to see solutions from different angles and compels us to collaborate across multiple disciplines and functions, united by the goal of dramatically improving the lives of patients.

We bridge the worlds of drug discovery, development and business and seek to deliver a new generation of kinase inhibitors that are more potent and selective than what has come before.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds but share certain common attributes — they are experts in their fields, energized to make an impact, collaborative to the core, and impatient with the status quo. We are people first and employees second, banded together through a strong sense of camaraderie and supporting each other in our shared quest to improve patients’ lives.

Hear from our employees about what inspires them

We know that what each and every one of us does matters and that our success depends on our ability to work together. We believe we are at our best as a company when our employees are thriving and foster a culture that provides opportunities to grow and develop professionally, while also having fun.